Das sagen bisherige New Leipzig Talents über die Erfahrungen in unserem Programm:

Peter Weis_300x300.png


“Especially after very stressful periods, you recognize that stepping back and evaluating the situation from a different perspective would have helped in order to come to the best possible result. New Leipzig Talents helped me particularly to work on this skill: step back, come to a meta-level, evaluate the situation from another angle and decide what to do.”

Peter Weis


“In order to find what is right for oneself, it is important to first evaluate one’s own competencies and then match them with the right job. New Leipzig Talents helps to do exactly that by giving the opportunity to reflect with experienced coaches that fulfill the individual needs of the coachee.”

Tim Brauer

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Aparajita Dep_Rund_300.png


“When I decided to pursue an MBA, I wanted to go through a unique experience and a journey of self-discovery. I personally believe my education at HHL fulfilled a part of my experience and being part of New Leipzig Talents helped me to perfectly complement the educational experience. My studies and New Leipzig Talents helped me to get a holistic learning experience.”

Aparajita Deb


New Leipzig Talents was an eye-opener for me. It provided me with an accurate assessment of myself and my competencies based on different scientific models. It made me realise my strengths and weaknesses. A series of detailed discussions with my coach led me to discover a lot about my personality.”

Shashwat Pramodkumar Dave

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Thorben Grubert_Rund_300.png


New Leipzig Talents has helped me define my goals, strengthened my dedication and provided me with the knowledge to accomplish them. Together with my coach, Dr. Georg Fischer, we analyzed my aspirations and separated the important things in life from the distractions. Setting the next steps for my career went hand in hand with working on personal subjects and ethical standards. During the entire process, my coach was benevolently insistent to help me embrace the change and put the insights into practice.

Thorben Grubert


New Leipzig Talents was the perfect stepping stone for me to look inwards, towards my own self and how I can improve myself. Any leadership can only begin when you master yourself and I am highly grateful that this program and my coach, Prof. Dr. Fabian Christandl, helped me to reach this objective and improve my self-awareness.”

Arvind Sivaraman


Pei-Hsuan Huang_Rund_300.png


New Leipzig Talents enabled me to break the box and give a try on the unexpected. Sharing my fear with my coach and truly confront it is an amazing and fruitful experience. The valuable wisdom I learned from it will definitely accompany me facing obstacles and challenges.”

Pei-Hsuan Huang


New Leipzig Talents enabled me to grow on a personal and professional level. By reflecting and asking myself fundamental questions throughout the coaching process, I was able to better define the values and motives that drive my passion for creating human-centered innovative business solutions. New Leipzig Talents is an opportunity that can help define, redefine, deepen and crystalize the purpose behind our actions.”

Ron Gabay




New Leipzig Talents provided a unique opportunity to not only reflect upon personal areas for improvement with an experienced coach. Moreover, this program in the setting of HHL is an excellent complement to the intensive skill training that we receive. Overall the work with my coach helped me to strengthen necessary competencies for the professional responsibilities that we are trained for and that we aspire.”

Jakob Felix Kriependorf


“As a multisport athlete, I have experienced coaching and learned how beneficial coaching can be. It was quite surprising for me when I learned that my coach is also a sports person. Being an entrepreneur in entirely different sphere, my coach shared his experience with me and that helped me broaden my knowledge and perspective. At the end of the program, I felt that I was satisfied, all my questions answered and met with great people.”

Can Adiguzel


Lukas Zechel_300.png


New Leipzig Talents is one of the very few parts at HHL that isn't measured or graded in any form. It’s purely for the participant's personal development and reflection. I had the chance to work with my coach on the competencies that I wanted to develop and he supported me with frameworks and techniques as well as his personal opinion. It was a very valuable time for me and I can truly recommend every HHL student to use this opportunity and work on their personal development.”

Lukas Zechel



Aneesh Bhardwaj_300x300.png


“Business requires careful guidance of an experienced hand to teach you the subtleties and in this effect, New Leipzig Talents was instrumental as I was able to work very closely with my coach to learn from his experience and also to gain a better understanding of a modern business environment.”

Aneesh Bhardwaj